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Chandu, World Health Organization is scorned by his family, needs to prove his talent. He involves his village to attend the marriage of his step sister and falls dotty along with his maradalu SirishaPriya.

Director : Sharrath Narwade
Producers : Vidhya Sagar, PR Janardhan
Music Director : KM Radha Krishnan
Starring : Sai Srinivas, Priya Vadlamani, Diksha Sharma

He was dismayed once he involves apprehend that his step sister is dotty with some other person and desires to fly with him. however will Chandu handle this example and wins everyone’s heart within the family, kind remainder of the story.

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The plot line of ShubhalekhaLu is fascinating. The director Sharrath Narwade has become flourishing to execute the motion-picture show in partaking manner. klick Radha Krishnan has initiate of his temperature to administer lovely music for the motion-picture show.

Subhalekha+lu Full Movie High Quality Download

He will sensible job with its background score that elevates the film well. filming by Murali Mohan is elegant. Art direction is incredibly sensible. redaction is sweet. Production values square measure sensible.

Subhalekha+lu HD quality Full Movie Free Download

Sai Srinivas appearance quite charming and holds the film within the half along with his acting. His performances throughout many insulting scenes square measure high notch. he’s excellent in emotional scenes. Priya Vadlamani and Diksha Sharma build their presence felt.

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